An enduring favourite with Sapphirewood’s customers over the years is Tasmanian Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon).

The golden-brown hues highlighting the contrasting grains of wavy to straight, give this beautiful Australian hardwood character and class, complimenting every style from the French inspired Phoenix Collection through to the clean, modern lines of the Flinders.

This timber has a density of approximately 660 kg sq mtr and is strong in compression, resistant to impact and is moderately stiff. It may be nailed or screwed with ease, and the wood is easily stained and produces a high-quality finish.

Tasmanian blackwood seasons easily and produces little movement once seasoned.

The wood has many uses including wood panels, furniture, fine cabinetry, tools, boats, inlaid boxes and musical instruments. and is well-suited for shaping with steam as evident in the back supports of all Sapphirewood’s blackwood dining chairs.

The strength and flexibility of Tasmanian Blackwood proved the ideal timber for Indigenous Australians to make spears and shields, and even produced an analgesic from the tree’s properties!

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