Any Australian hardwood timber furniture from Sapphirewood is an investment  in hand-made quality and beauty, and by following some simple cleaning rules your furniture will effortlessly retain it’s showroom look and finish for many years to come.

A walk past supermarkets’ cleaning aisles will encourage the purchase of a spray can promising a quick shine with a pleasant smell, however many of these products contain silicone that actually attract dust particles and will rapidly dull your timbers’ sheen.

The following cleaning methods will maintain the lacquer’s lustre with little effort;

Day to Day Cleaning

Regular gentle wiping with a slightly damp soft cotton or microfiber cloth, moving with the grain, will pick up dust particles and then simply dry with a soft dry cloth. The lacquer creates the sheen, this simple method will remove all the dust on surfaces.

Seasonal Cleaning

Periodically the addition of a teaspoon of natural soap or washing-up detergent to 2 litres of warm water will help clean any stubborn dirt, simply dip the cloth in and wring out excess water, and follow the same method as above.

Beeswax is an excellent natural product to gently remove any built up grime and the addition of tree oils makes application and removal simple and easy to use without the hard labour of traditional beeswax polishes.

Use a small amount of the wax on a soft cloth and rub in a circular motion along the length of the grain.

Allow the wax to dry completely, and finish by buffing off with another soft cloth finishing along the length of the timber grain.

Don’t let Spills spoil

In the event of the dreaded red wine or curry spill on the surface, time is of the essence and cleaning up with a damp cloth and drying as outlined above will avoid any unwanted staining. Your lacquer finish protects the timber from these spills, but some foods and drinks have ingredients that can leave their mark if left for periods of time.

With little effort, your Sapphirewood pieces will maintain their natural shine and allow uninterrupted appreciation of beautiful Australian hardwoods.



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