Selecting just the right combination of dining room chairs for your dining table can dramatically change the appearance of your dining area. Between the different sizes, materials, colours, and timber finishes, Sapphirewood have an extensive range to choose from. As well as our sturdy Australian hardwood chairs, we also have beautiful 100% cow leather chairs and fabric options, with a variety of leg stains to compliment all our Australian hardwood tables.

Selecting your chairs to compliment your table and home

Tasmanian blackwood is an enduring favourite with our customers, and it’s qualities of strength and flexibility make this species ideal for chair construction.

The four examples are available with matching table styles, but individual taste and comfort allows these chairs to be inter-changeable according to taste.

The Balmoral with it’s gently curved lumbar base gives excellent lower back support and it’s high back supports the shoulders; the Cascade offers similar height and back support, with a more rounded back with padding.

The Flinders looks elegant with any table and the support is mid-back, the Phoenix offering classic French Provincial styling, matching the table leg features of the Phoenix table.

Shapphirewood’s leather chairs feature 100% cow leather, hardwood American Oak frames with a choice of either blackwood stain to compliment all our darker timber tables, or a natural finish to match our natural Tasmanian Oak and Western Australian Marri timber tables.

The Marlee with it’s curved back sits perfectly with round dining tables, and it’s lower back gives a streamlined, modern feel.

The Myra and Magli chairs feature additional leg stress rails and metal sprung bases, both supremely comfortable with the Magli’s height more suited to longer tables whilst the Myra gives an elegantly tailored apperarance with it’s stress support visible and the tongue and groove construction ensuring an extremely strong leg foundation construction.

If you want your table’s timber to take centre stage and the leather chairs to compliment, perhaps the comfort and beauty of leather is worth considering.

With a choice of almond or light rustic stains, and a natural finish, Sapphirewood’s Tasmanian Oak chairs offer simple styling to co-ordinate with any Tasmanian Oak table.

From classical Farmhouse styling to the European Retro era of the mid-20th Century, all our chairs are inter-changeable and the ability to select different fabrics instore for the padded seats allows you to marry colours with you’re home’s theme.

As with all Sapphirewood’s chairs, there are stress rails added to guarantee strength.



In addition to our Tasmanian Oak chairs, we also offer three fabric covered chairs with natural hardwood legs.

These chairs are not manufactured by Sapphirewood, however we have selected them for their strength and different comfort levels.

As with all our dining chairs, no assembly needed because the only way to construct a chair that will last and stay structurally sound is with precision assembly and the best glues.

Please visit one of our stores and our staff will be delighted to show all the different options available and help create your perfect setting!

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