Tasmanian Oak is predominantly found in the mountainous regions of North-Western Tasmania and areas of Victoria, where this strong and versatile timber soars to heights of 90 meters, sustainably harvested to ensure this ever-popular Australian Hardwood will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Tasmanian oak refers to 3 different species of Eucalyptus trees; regnans, obliqua and delegatensis that share similar characteristics of even graining, high-density and colourings of whitish brown to pale brown and often with pinkish streaks.

By selecting the uniform, blemish-free lighter tones, Tasmanian Oak proves an ideal hardwood to stain with consistency for Sapphirewood collections such as the Leon and Rustic collections, and to colour-match stains of existing furniture for custom-made orders.

The colour variations are dramatically evident in our feature grade Tasmanian Oak collections of Zen, Retro and Richmond, where each furniture piece can display tones from whitish brown to deep flashes of amber, even a leveling black wax to create the ultimate compliment and contrast in natures’ imperfections!

Tasmanian Oak is a firm favourite with our Master-Craftsmen due to it’s good workability; It planes, sands, stains and lacquers effortlessly, glues and screws robustly, and even steams and bends to allow Sapphirewood to construct Tasmanian Oak dining chairs with solid timber (as opposed to most manufacturers’ ply construction).  This makes Tasmanian oak ideal for furniture.

Because Tasmanian oak is sustainable and grown here in Australia, it is affordable and a worthy investment that will stand the tests of time, and perfect when selecting Sapphirewood’s standard collections, or as a faultless material for any customised furniture piece.

Our staff will be delighted to show our collections in-store, or help create your perfect customised piece!

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