Create interest and versatility with a range of seating options

While many opt for lounges or sofas only in their lounge and living rooms, there are advantages and appeal both in practicality and appearance to opting for a combination of sofas and armchairs. A range of seating options provides versatility in a space, caters to a varying range of guests and adds a design element and interest to the room, especially in larger areas. The design and configuration of the room can define the style of armchair – open plan and dedicated spaces suit different styles and sizes of armchairs.

Sapphire Wood provides customers with a great variety of armchairs to choose from. When selecting armchairs take into consideration the size and layout of the room as well as any special needs of regular visitors or residents. Needs such as ease of access, seat height, armrest width and the all-essential back support.

Our higher-backed, classic wing chair suit a formal setting and add somewhat of a regal touch to the room. Our lower-backed styles offer a contemporary choice and especially suit open plan layouts to maintain free flow and a spacious feel. Tub styles offer a welcoming haven to curl-up, relax and delve into your favourite book.

We offer 100s of fabrics for our armchairs. Have fun with your selection and be creative. Create interest and contrast by selecting one or two armchairs in a fabric different from the lounge. Placed separately from the lounge, a duo of armchairs create a defined reading corner or nook for private conversations. Pop one in the bedroom as an occasional chair.

All our armchairs are available in 100’s of fabrics and crafted in our Sydney workshop. Unleash your imagination or speak with our design consultants for inspiration and ideas to uplift your lounge with a stylish armchair.

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