The most visual area of the home is the loungeroom, where you relax and welcome friends, this area is important to make as comfortable for yourself and inviting for guests. Selecting just the right furniture is essential to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, the staple to add your personal touches with accessories and additions.


The first job is to measure the living rooms dimensions, including all nooks. This will allow you to ‘map out’ any chosen pieces to ensure they fit.(tip- use masking tape/ newspapers to represent the dimensions of furniture to ensure it fits)When choosing living room furniture, it’s important to have a precise idea of the area. If you have a ‘dead’ corner, could a corner cabinet fulfill a purpose and aesthetic?

Getting Started

You will already have a vision of either a modern or traditional theme, or are searching for ideas. To get started, you have to decide on the essentials of TV cabinet, coffee table and seating.

Your pièce de resistance, where does it go?

If you own or find that special piece, consider its position in the living room and the options to compliment or contrast the theme of your room layout and style options.

This focus piece can be anything from a favourite painting, handmade fire place or a vintage desk…if careful consideration is taken to compliment this piece, the room will have great appeal and reflect your personality and creativity.

Design for YOUR lifestyle

Consider the furniture you will need to make your everyday life easier and more comfortable. It should reflect your personality and be so easy on the eye that the coziest nights and memorable get togethers host perfectly.

Seasonal changes of accessories from red to blue change the mood, the furniture ever present to welcome the next season.

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