Feature Grade Tasmanian Oak, responsibly sourced, showcases captivating grain patterns, gum veins, and occasional knots. This exceptional timber excels in crafting furniture, flooring, and diverse interior elements.

The Zen, Richmond, and Chatswood collections are 3 examples of the aesthetic diversity and natural beauty encapsulated in feature grade Tasmanian Oak.


The Zen Collection intricately weaves the rich history of the tree into its design philosophy. Knots infuse a rustic charm, Zen’s Industrial lines contrast and compliment perfectly with this species. This collection pays homage to the enduring allure found in the organic irregularities of Tasmanian Oak, every blemish happened for a reason.


In the Richmond Collection, the inherent imperfections of feature grade Tasmanian Oak are elevated into an artistic display that embraces dynamic hues and striking contrasts. A mesmerizing interplay unfolds between painted black supports and the luminous, earthy tones of Tasmanian Oak. The natural color variations create a visually captivating palette that injects warmth and interest into any interior. Each piece in the Richmond Collection becomes a unique canvas, empowering designers and homeowners to express their creativity through a unique piece.


The Chatswood Collection is meticulously crafted and effortlessly introduces sophistication and character into contemporary interiors. Featuring a floating top style and carefully positioned black painted strips, it adds a touch of modernity while enhancing the timber’s innate visual appeal. The Chatswood Collection exemplifies how embracing this timber’s imperfections can elevate the aesthetic of furniture, creating visual masterpieces that resonate calmness and class.

Feature grade Tasmanian Oak reveals its unique palette in the Zen, Richmond, and Chatswood Collections. From Retro’s 50’s design to Richmond’s futuristic appeal…set the scene for a night sleeping under all 5 stars with the Chatswood bedroom suite!

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