LUCA Dining Table 2100

$2,990.00 $2,090.00

Modern and sophisticated natural solid wood furniture 

Nothing showcases the beauty of natural timber quite like The Luca Collection.

Elegantly crafted from Marri timber, this wood is renowned for its distinctive eucalypt gum veins and characteristics. Each piece of timber is cut and assembled in such a way that there is continuity from one piece of wood to the next, giving the illusion of a single piece of timber.

This collection combines the rustic sophistication of natural wood with contemporary features in the clean, sleek lines of the black legs and base, with modern, discreet door handles.

The Marri timber used in our products is ethically sourced from Australia’s largest and most reputable timber suppliers, ensuring longevity and sustainable forestry of this species.

Timber: Western Australia Marri / Finish: Natural with Black Stained Legs

Size: 2100 W x 1050 D x 760 H

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Dimensions 2100 × 1050 × 760 mm